Rubox is a compact, colourful and fun puzzle that's simple but competitive gameplay will challenge and intrigue everyone who tries it. Presented by a black and white striped OTTER, the Rubox can be played sitting down, standing up, inside or out, in a queue, in a bar, field or on the side of a dance floor.

The aim is to make 9 tiles the same colour using 9 buttons that change the colour of the tiles. With up to 6 levels of difficulty, players are eased into the game and the challenge steps up as they progress. The game is fixed at 3 levels with an option to unlock 3, more intense brain teasers if the player is up to the challenge. Rubox counts how many times the buttons were pressed so the players all get a score at the end of the play. This means Rubox has an added competitive element as players try and beat their friends and the days best, lowest score.

Type of Show: A interactive walkabout puzzle
presented by black and white striped OTTERs.
3 levels of increasing difficulty + 3 extra for
advanced players!

Accessibility: Housed in a portable, waterproof case.
Extra colour choice available for colour-blindness.

Age Range: 8 - Ꚙ

Running Time: 3-5 minutes per play.

Performers: 1 OTTER