Hall of Optical Obstacles

A Victorian funfair themed laser assault course, hosted by the mysterious, striped Senor Saukko.

OTTER Produces' latest creation tests both agility and wits as players attempt to pass through the Optical Obstacles. An interactive laser game, the Hall of Optical Obstacles stands out in a crowd, both visually and experientially.

Featuring an automated laser system that's remembers players names, counts how many times (or hopefully not!) they cross any lasers and the time it takes. Scores are then uploaded on a leaderboard outside the installation and online, and all players receive personalised certificates for their turns. The Optical Obstacles is a side-show experience that everyone will want to play again and again.

Mirrored walls inside the corridor send the lasers off into infinity, adding to the challenge of crossing the corridor. Success requires traversing the lasers with a good time and as few trips as possible. To get to the top of the leaderboard all players must remember...

Fame Favours the Fast and Faultless!

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Ready for touring, the Hall of Optical Obstacles puts players inside a mission-impossible style corridor with lasers blocking the exit. They must both hop over and crawl under, touching as few lasers as possible, in the fastest time they can. With an automated leaderboard that publishes everyone's scores on a screen outside and onto our website, players can compete on a local level and a national one as the Hall of Optical Obstacles travels round the country.

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