Welcome to OTTERs online home!

Here you will find all the creations of the unique, black and white striped OTTERs from OTTOPIA. We make Indoor and Outdoor Interactive, Immersive Art experiences for the public across the UK with our special blend of Striped Street Theatre and bespoke Puzzles and Games. Discover the extent of OTTER's striped adventures and environments below.. We are open to all sorts of ideas and venues and if you would like any of our shows at your event, feel free to email or call us, you can find all our details on the Contact page.

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Link To The Mechanical Memory Machine

Link to RETTO Recall

Link to HynOTTERmook

Link to Rubox page
The Mechanical Memory Machine
RETTO Recall

Link to Pup Quest

Link to Love Matrix

Link To Collide-O-Scope

Link To Riddle of Switches
Pup Quest
Love Matrix
Riddle of Switches

This is the online home of OTTER Produces, the innovative and elaborate outdoor art production company.

The OTTERs are known for bringing visually stimulating, surreal puzzles and games into the world. We are about supporting, inspiring and bringing together people from all different backgrounds and our unique blend of technology, music, theatre and art helps breakdown barriers and encourages creative-play and communication.

Have a look at what we can offer. We are always happy to discuss plans for combining shows and working with different events, give us a call and we can discuss ideas!