Welcome to the OTTER Produces website! Home to the unique and bizarre OTTERs from OTTOPIA, who are entertaining the public across the UK with their unique blend of striped street theatre and bespoke interactive games. Find OTTER, Saukko and ORTET's creations below and discover the extent of their striped oddities within. If you have any comments or would like any of our shows at your event please contact us at ORTET@OTTERProduces.com.


As of 24th January 2017, Pete Montford is no longer the Artist & Director of OTTER Produces. He is no more, and has been replaced by OTTER who will now run the Art co-operative from his world, OTTOPIA. Fellow OTTERs, RETTO, ORTET, and Saukko will continue to ensure that the company maintains the same level of professionalism and OTTER quality that OTTER Produces has become known for.

Details of the recent company-changing events will shortly be published on the site but you can find some images on our Facebook page.

Taking bookings for 2017 now

Link To The Mechanical Memory Machine

Link to The Hall of Optical Obstacles

Link to OTTER's Laz-E
The Mechanical Memory Machine
The Hall of Optical Obstacles

Welcome to the online home of our innovative and elaborate street theater production company. Specializing, but not limited to, the creation of unique, interactive, puzzle-style street theater shows. OTTER Produces hosts the crowd pleasing memory game, the Mechanical Memory Machine, an immersive laser assault course, the Hall of Optical Obstacles and the new interactive laser walkabout game, OTTER's Laz-E.