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OTTER's Black and White Striped Interactive World

OTTOPIA is the black and white striped world where the OTTERs reside. A micro-venue packed full of secrets, side-quests, music, interactive games and bizarre characters to encounter and interact with. The option of combining our puzzle world with a silent disco means the audience can dance and get immersed in the musical vibes in OTTOPIA while also exploring the games and the OTTER quests in whatever way they choose!

OTTOPIA appears in different forms. It can happen inside or out. It can be a hidden surprise, a secret area to seek out. Or a loud and proud, in your face gathering of stripey shenanigans. What every OTTOPIA provides are unique games, prizes, music, striped silliness and bucket-loads of surreal fun for everyone.


OTTOPIA is also well known for it's incredible garden. Giant black and white flowers, trees, mushrooms and cactuses reside in abundance. Now you've arrived, what you do next in this bizarre world is up to you..

Perhaps you need to take a seat in one of our chill out corners, absorb this mysterious new world you have just found. Or perhaps you are seeking adventure and personnel growth, no problem, OTTER can guide you to the OTTER Quest where you are challenged both mentally and physically to see if you have what it takes to become an OTTER yourself. Survive it all and successful players receive a handpainted prize and become an honourary OTTER pup.

OTTER's Quest Players on their quest

Maybe one of the 2 music channels of the silent disco grabs you, head to the dancefloor and move your body to the grooves.. Or for a different audio experience, switch to the third channel on your headset and hear the sounds of the riverbank and discover our much-loved, soothing otter documentary.

If this still isn’t enough, you can play one of our much-loved OTTER puzzles, Rubox, RETTO Recall, Laz-E or OTTingo. There are also standalone interactive installations, No OTTERnary Mirror, the OTTER generator, Collide-O-Scope and the Love Matrix. They are all free-to-play, bespoke games made by the OTTERs.

OTTOPIA is truly a unique space with very special characters, games and vibes built specially to entertain and inspire all who enter. It brings together everything we have to offer in a special choose-your-own-adventure style world where everyone is invited to join and play in whatever style they choose!

A Few Iterations of OTTOPIA


Link To OTTOPIA - Simplified

Link to OTTOPIA I - An OTTER world
The Super Secret Stripey Silent Disco
A Stripped Back Stripey Affair
The Indoor Event, Reading