Riddle of Switches

A Riddle of Switches presented by OTTER Produces

OTTER Produces presents

A Riddle of Switches

A Riddle of Switches works best being played together

You stare at the panel of switches and the blinking LED lights silently stare back at you. Can you reveal the secrets within the Riddle of Switches?

These 3 boxes of switches each have a game to play with you. All the information you need to complete the games are hidden within the flashes and pulses of the LED lights. Understand the code, press the correct buttons in order and reveal the full secrets of what the boxes have to show.

A Riddle of Switches can be setup indoors or out and left unattended for prolonged periods of time. A unique, surreal puzzler suitable for a variety of events.

Lady playing the Riddle of Switches