OTTER Produces presents


OTTER Produces' answer to no events in Summer 2021, HypnOTTERmook brings the OTTERs romping back, landing in Bristol Centre to dance, baffle and play with people in the streets.

The OTTER Produces team, like a lot of people in the world, have missed social interactions and the chance happenings of everyday life. But now, as things are opening back up, the OTTERs are bringing their black & white, fresh, electric vibes to the streets, to start their own Happenings and find out whether the public are


or nOTTER!

With their Spinning Suitcase Sound System Sacktrolley, HypnOTTER, the OTTERs will be appearing across City centres throughout the Summer to spread their Surreal Monochromatic vibes far and wide.

Indoor or out, OTTER and his HynOTTERmook crew are always delighted to entertain. Email us to book HypnOTTERmook for your event.