Pup Quest

All the OTTERs want you to join us and becoman OTTER pup!

OTTER Produces presents

Pup Quest

Your chance to become an honourary OTTER pup and one of us!

A black and white striped wants YOU to try their Trials and join the OTTERs!

A Pup Quest is clear. Take OTTER's Trials and prove you have what it takes to become a part of the black and white striped OTTER family. The winner of the quest earns themselves the honorary OTTER Pup title, earns an invitation to our online OTTER pup portal, an honorary OTTER pup sticker and a handpainted OTTER rock. The Pup's Quest is the ultimate challenge for any OTTER and/or interactive puzzle fans!

The Quest always starts with OTT or Not. A simple game, introducing all the characters of OTTOPIA and an easy way to learn and understand what an OTTER is (OTT) and what an OTTER is not (Not). From here the Quest differs at every event. We have a number of different games, puzzles and interactions that can be implemented into the Quest so every time an audience visits they will have a new challenge to solve.

On the Pup Quest, solving riddles hidden in the fusebox

The Pup's Quest traditionally is held within our OTTOPIA venue but the Quest could easily fit into other entertainment scenarios. The quest could be setup outside of the OTTOPIA venue with the various tasks hidden within an area of a festival site, or within a pub / club to entertain throughout the night. The Quest could also be setup across a park area or highstreet for street theatre / fringe events.

The Honorary OTTER pup sticker

If you're interested in having the Pup Quest at your event, don't hesitate to contact us and we can discuss how we can make the game work for you.