Move your beam but play as a team, can you decipher OTTER's Laz-E dream?


OTTER's Laz-E is an interactive walkabout (or static) show, ready to find and entertain on-the-go audiences of all ages. Hosted by the black and white striped OTTERs, the Laz-E is a team based game that also can be completed solo for a slightly trickier challenge..

One laser bounces between 3 mirrors. Each mirror can be angled using joysticks attached to the side of Laz-E, moving the laser beam around the box. The aim is for the players to find and light up with the laser, one of 3 hidden colour changers inside the game. A dice roll determines the colour players must find and using our unique Portable Laser Guidance System to navigate through the monochrome internals of the game, players must work together to control the mirrors and aim the laser at the correct colour changer. All within a 2 minute timescale of course!