OTTER Produces has pioneered the combination of interactive, immersive, visual art and storytelling with puzzles and play, for all ages. Started in 2013, the aim of the company is to explore and expand the realm of interactive, immersive art. Using OTTER's signature striped style combined with communal play and bespoke games, the company aims to reach as much of the public as possible, spreading the joy and excitement of unbounded creativity to the masses.

We are OTTERs! Yes the capital letters are important, that's how OTTER was first discovered (more on that in the section below..!) and that's how he shall continue! We are comfortable at green field events, street theatre shows, local fetes, clubs, anywhere people gather for a good time. We have performed all over the UK, utilising our various talents in many different ways, from technical producers, stage-dressers and advisors aswell as putting on our own sell-out events. The OTTERs come from an (almost) entirely black and white world, OTTOPIA, but our black and white stripes look best when standing out in YOUR colourful world.

OTTER Produces is a co-operative of friends, makers and performers who come to together to invent, make and present the stripey games and world of OTTER. From the Arts Council Funded mirrored, laser assault course, the Hall of Optical Obstacles to the walkabout logic puzzler, Rubox, everything that OTTER Produces creates is a collaborative effort between friends. We are Makers, Collaborators, Inventors and Entertainers.

But why OTTER??

Underpinning all of OTTER Produces' projects is an ongoing narrative. A tale of an artist, his creations and the feedback loop that controls the art and the artists life. The story of OTTER starts with Pete Montford, who was the inventor and founder of OTTER. The word, OTTER, followed Pete throughout his adolescence, appearing in numerous strange circumstances until one day he decided there must have been something to it. He took on the word and started trying to explore what it was and why it had come to him. In order to explore the concept, all his creative output after that was based around this idea of OTTER. He was hooked and he needed to find the truth!

During Pete's last year at university, OTTER started taking the striped human form which, little did Pete know, would ultimately become his demise.

After studying, Pete continued creating work and found a home making unique, interactive sideshows. The memory game, Pete Montford the Coin-Operated Artist, was the first to be developed and it was with this show that OTTER Produces, the company, started to form. In 2013 Pete Montford officially created OTTER Produces to signify the larger body of friends who were helping create the sideshow machines of OTTER.

Since then, OTTER Produces' team of volunteers has grown and Pete Montford has been displaced and toppled as the Director of the company, replaced by OTTER himself in 2017. But the company is still the friendly, maker co-operative that it started as, now however we have all the OTTERs, and the whole world of OTTOPIA at our fingertips. This Earth will never be the same again!

Pete Montford is lost in OTTOPIA, no more in our world.

The following video has all the details of the origin of OTTER. From it's beginnings with Pete Montford in 2001, until OTTER declares full control in 2017. This is the full story, from Pete Montford's perspective.