The Mechanical Memory Machine

The Mechanical Memory Machine

An incredible interactive memory-based street theatre game show from another universe.

OTTER, RETTO & ORTET with the Mechanical Memory Machine

OTTER and his machine

The black and white striped OTTERs present to you, Pete Montford, the Mechanical Memory Machine.

An incredible memory game like no other, players are welcomed into the show to face a half-man, half machine. OTTER is the master of the machine with RETTO & ORTET who help find eager participants to take the challenge and enter inside their black and white box. Outside, players must listen to OTTER's riddles and remember seven actions. They must repeat the actions inside the box when they face Pete Montford in order in win their unique black and white prize.


The first of OTTERs creations, the Mechanical Memory Machine has appeared at various events large and small all over the UK since 2013. It's unique gameplay and surprise live performer in the box always goes down a storm, hence why we love still bringing the Mechanical Memory Man out with us!