Wake The Tiger - DAZZLE

DAZZLE at Wake The Tiger

Created by OTTER Produces, featuring TAPT

A permanent immersive installation, created as part of the OUTERverse. Open to the public on 02.02.24

Over 2023 we developed, built and installed our immersive, interactive black and white room for Wake The Tiger, the UK's first Amazement Park, in Bristol. We were tasked by the team to create a black and white optical illusion room in February 2023, and by combining our various in-"holt" engineering and artistic talents, and bringing in the amazing TAPT to create a mind-melting wall pattern for us, we created Dazzle, a full-scale, sound and light interactive, immersive, optical illusion experience.

Audience looking through a keyhole portal at Wake The Tiger
Light diffracted through a black and white keyhole window in Dazzle

Through the keyhole

Our room is divided into 4 spaces, has 6 portals to find, 2 interactive games to play and floor to ceiling optical delights. All except one portal were designed, built and installed by OTTER Produces, with the other being created by Wake The Tiger. We created the room to be an out-of-this-world experience that at once draws you in with it's dazzling, geometric patterns and hypnotizing displays and at the same time makes you question the boundaries between what is real and what is just an illusion.

The team

A HUGE thank you to the following individuals who we couldn't have created this room without:

Neil Harpum - Artist - TAPT patterns

Steve Ward - Electrical Engineer - Spinner Wall, Lighting and Game Interactions

Leon Mook - Builder and Problem-Solver - Shape and interaction creation, portal designing, problem-solving

Jamie Lygate - Builder and Problem-Solver - Shape and interaction creation, portal designing, problem-solving

Lewis Spencer - Game Engineer - Wall Wobbler programming

Fred Carpenter (PFP) - Mechanical Engineer - Spinner Wall

Max Goldstein - Mechanical Engineer - Spinner Wall

Jack Bowen - Builder - Keyhole Doorways

Greg Chapter - Sound Design - Throughout

Kate OTTER - Artist / Director / Painter - Throughout

Pete OTTER - Artist / Director - Throughout