OTTOPIA II - The Super Secret Stripey Silent Disco

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OTTER's latest slice of OTTOPIA to land in this world brought a Silent Disco to OTTER's garden which was revealed through a secret doorway. The only route to get to the doorway was through the Hall of Optical Obstacles' laser maze, the best found the secret door, the worse left the corridor without ever knowing it was there...

Through the door participants were greeted by OTTER who recalibrated their minds in preparation for the black and white world they were about to perceive. After being handed their Silent Disco headsets they were then drawn into OTTER's garden, surrounded by giant plants and flowers, black and white striped OTTERs, an all day party and interactive puzzles and games.

This was the second appearance of OTTOPIA in our world. Whenever the portal opens, and all the OTTERs come through, one SERIOUS event is about to occur. We would like to recreate this show at more events and festivals in the UK, if you are interested in OTTOPIA appearing at your event contact the OTTERs at