OTTER Blog Beginning

Hello world!

    As the new (and improved) Artistic Director of OTTER Produces I thought it appropriate I give myself a voice, and on what better platform than on my website. I am OTTER, the leader of the black and white striped clowns and puzzlers you on see on this website and perhaps on your streets.. Myself and my team have been entertaining you people for over 5 years now but we were always led and manipulated by my originator, Pete Montford. That is until I took him, and thus the company, on the night of his Artist talk, the 24th January 2017.

    Since then I have run our first, sellout live event, redeveloped the Hall of Optical Obstacles, created the Rubox, OTTINGO, the Garden of OTTER and brought the incredible Naren Wilks into the fold. So please excuse me for having taken a little while to find my voice and create this blog, but I've had other matters to attend to, to pick up from where the slob Pete Montford left the company.

    I intend to use this blog to keep you updated on my story, OTTER's story. No. In fact, it's OTTER Produces' story. Because even I have to admit. It takes more than one OTTER to run this show train.

 Love and stripes,