The Hall of Optical Obstacles Videoshoot

Filming for the Hall of Optical Obstacles promo

    Last weekend we setup the colourful Hall of Optical Obstacles in a field next to the OTTER workshop in order to film a promo video for the show. We recruited the brilliant and professional camera expertise of Reading based Real Time who came and spent the day with us, bringing numerous cameras, shades and technical know-how on filming an awesome promo video! We were also super lucky to have an fantastic local photographer, Adam Pegg of Trataka photography join us for the day.

     We had prayed for good weather and we certainly got it, the sun was beaming on the day of the shoot. Perhaps a little too much! Despite my best intentions, scheduling the days events and writing a detailed shotlist, the first filming session had to be called off shortly after starting when Saukko's face melted from the heat. Lutra Lutra remained lively as ever but we called the session off to wait until the afternoon sun died down a little.

     Restarted the shoot at 7pm when the sun had retreated enough to cool the evening.,the setting was now ideal. No more harsh shadows from the sunlight, the evening's light was perfect for filming and photos. Saukko and Lutra Lutra got busy, and some local residents came down to have a go on the Optical Obstacles laser challenge, kindly creating an enthusiastic audience for us.

There's a video coming! All the OTTER's are massively excited! Further updates and teasers for the new video coming soon!!

 Love and stripes,

     OTTER x