Behind-the-Scenes of the Hall of Optical Obstacles

New behind-the-scenes video released!

Yes that's right! A sneak peak from behind-the-scenes of the OTTER workshop is now online! With the help of Real Time who came and filmed some OTTERs in the workshop prior to the videoshoot in August, we've released a short video showing aspects of the show development that are rarely seen. You'll see a little of Pete OTTER (the artist I created after disposing of Pete Montford in January) and another better behaved OTTER, Kate, appears briefly also.

Don't be disappointed that you don't see my stripey face in this one. When the full Hall of Optical Obstacles promo video appears sometime in November, I have a feeling you'll see more of me and the rest of my striped co-horts in that one! For this short, I thought my amazing team who continually work so hard on building the OTTER shows deserve a little air time. There are many more extrordinary individuals who contribute to all aspects of OTTER Produces and I aim to show off all their incredible talents on this blog in the future.

For now, enjoy this short video and check back soon for the full Optical Obstacles promo coming out in November!