5 Trials of OTTER


OTTER took the reins and let loose on the unsuspecting visitors of Whitley Arts Festival's What The Butler Saw for 4 nights. He created his most challenging and stimulating piece yet comprising of 5 riddles and tasks, all of which the audience had to complete to win themselves a prize.

OTTER's 5 Trials

For the duration of the performance OTTER resided in his black and white holt at the back of the room. People were invited in to see him one by one and each is told the first riddle to set them on their way.
OTTER's black and white holt


Players had to find the correct challenge, and then upon completion of the each task the next clue is reveled. If they completed each stage in the right order, they found themselves back with OTTER and won the prize.


Each of the 5 tasks were connected and linked back to OTTER in his room so he could monitor what people were doing and when. There was a hidden camera in the box of balls that fed live video onto tv sets in OTTER's holt. The switch in the electric box turned on the random word generator on his desk. The keyboard played sounds into the speakers surrounding OTTER's head. The computer printed whatever people typed on the printer on OTTER's desk. And of course the plant link is obvious...



Pete Montford is only to be seen in small monitors on display at the audiences feet in the holt, and heard in some chatter that appeared to be coming from the monitor box. Usually he has been fairly prominent in his installations, this sudden lack of Pete could suggest some form of a breakdown in their relationship which may affect future performances together.
The 5 Trials of OTTER